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We are so excited to introduce ClereKitchen to our community.  ClereKitchen is more than just a new food idea, it is the culmination of vision and effort to offer hope and restoration. For many years, Clerestory has sought to offer education, assistance, job placement and much more to people in the Birmingham area. However, a clear area of needed growth in Clerestory’s offerings has been in the realm of longer-term, on-the-job training and discipleship to supplement its classroom efforts.  From the very beginning, a big part of Clerestory’s vision has been to ultimately start businesses that become consistent hubs of training and opportunity for the graduates of its jobs preparedness classes.

Into this need have stepped Rob and Kelly Bright.  While establishing and maintaining a small business from 2003 to 2017, Rob and Kelly’s long-standing desire to do more on behalf of the struggling and marginalized in their community blossomed to the point of actionable burden.  After much prayer and discussion, the Brights decided to sell their business and join Clerestory full time in early 2017. 

Out of this shared vision, ClereKitchen was born. Our goal is to offer excellent, on-the-job personal and professional skills that consider each individual in their growth and potential for success in the workplace and in life. ClereKitchen is our first initiative in the marketplace. We will be offering high quality meals for families as well as busy professionals, with plans for convenient pickup locations and limited delivery as well.  We hope you will consider being part of the ClereKitchen story.

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